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We do NOT accept Paypal for any transactions! They are an anti-gun company that does not support 2A rights. We would be hypocrites to accept payments from, and give money to, a company who's policies go against the very foundation on which our business is built. We use only pro-2A merchant services for processing credit card transactions. Thanks for your understanding.



We are proud to be a partner facility for US/Texas Law Shield- the best protection available in defending you when you defend yourself. You wont find a better program to take care of you!


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We are Round 2 Brass & Reloading. Our specialty began as a supplier of the cleanest, best quality once fired brass found ANYWHERE. We continue to maintain that specialty, in addition to manufacturing our own line of ammunition- both manufactured and re-manufactured. There IS a difference between reloads and re-manufactured ammo!  We also sell bullets, new rifle and pistol brass, tumbling media, media additive, primers and powders.

PLEASE NOTE-  We are shipping brass and product orders as quickly as possible, but please know it can take 7-10 business days to get your order shipped, depending on current volume. Please bear with us, we're getting it out as fast as we can.



 If you are interested in purchasing loaded ammunition, please submit order directly! We no longer list ammunition on the website due to our inventory constantly changing! To place an ammunition order, give us a call today! We are a Type 07 Manufacturer using OEM primers and powders. Our ammunition is not manufactured using retail powder!!


We encourage customers to shop around, and we will welcome you back when you discover we have the lowest prices and the best quality!!



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6.5 Grendel



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