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.223 (5.56) Lake City fully processed and PRIMED

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.223 REM (5.56 NATO)Lake City  Once Fired Brass- FULLY PROCESSED AND PRIMED

1) Inspected - any brass with major dings, dents, creases or other issues is culled out.
2) Resizing - a multi-step resizing process is implemented to minimize work hardening

3) Trimming - the case is trimmed to exacting SAAMI specifications.

4) Crimp Removal - every piece of brass has the primer pocket swagged to remove that annoying military primer crimp.

5) Primer Pocket- cleaned and uniformed.

6) Polishing - the brass is tumbled in corncob/walnut media treated with Round 2 'Knockout' additive.

7) Primed and ready to load

What you get is the best fully processed brass you can find, ready to drop powder and seat a bullet! You wont find anyone else offering fully processed and primed LC brass for less than $.16 each!

500 rounds

Product Code: AAR7223FPP-D

Manufacturer: Lake City

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