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.223 (5.56) Lake City Fully Processed Brass


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.223 REM (5.56 NATO) Once Fired Brass- FULLY PROCESSED

1) Inspected - any brass with major dings, dents, creases, splits or other issues are culled out.

2) Resizing - a multi-step resizing process is implemented to minimize work hardening

3) Trimming - the case is trimmed to SAAMI specifications and checked in an EGW case gage.

4) Crimp Removal - every piece of brass has the primer pocket swagged to remove that annoying military primer crimp.

5) Polishing - the brass is cleaned with stainless steel media initially, then tumbled in corncob after sizing to remove case lube.

What you get is the best fully processed brass you can find, ready to prime, drop powder and seat a bullet! 

500 rounds

Product Code: AAR7223FP-D

Manufacturer: Lake City

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