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We are proud to be hosting Combative Weapon Solutions for this class! Registration fee includes class and lunch!

The Critical Care Concepts class is geared towards keeping yourself or family members alive when traumatic injuries are encountered. In the environment we live in today, all of us are exposed to potential life threatening injuries on a daily basis. From vehicle wrecks to unimaginable injuries, things can and do happen when we least expect it.

The class covers the basics of pre-hospital emergency first aid skills in relation to potential life and death injuries such as severe bleeding, airway issues, broken bones, and children . In some cases, seconds could mean the difference of life and death of you or a loved one. Our medical training gives you the knowledge and basic skills to buy precious time until medical professionals such as fire/EMS arrive. The class is half education/discussion based and the other half hands on skills training. Critical Care Concepts, basic first aid training that saves lives.

Topics & Methods covered:

- Physiological and Psychological reactions to stress

- Basic anatomy & physiology

- Basic medical verbiage

- HABC’s Hemorrhage, Airway, Breathing, & Circulation

- Proper set up & use of Individual Medical Kits (IMK)

- Basic first aid and wound care including the use of tourniquets

- Identification & treatment of injuries

- Basic information needed for 911

- Scenario based skills application

Class size is very limited due to classroom space and required time to conduct scenario training. Get registered and reserve your spot!

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