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Basic Reloading

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Introduction to Ammunition Reloading

This class will expose you to various types and brands of reloading equipment to help you choose what will work best for you. Class participants will also learn basic reloading steps and techniques, safety precautions and how to read load data manuals and select recipes for ammunition. This class focuses on pistol ammunition. You will learn about components, brass preparation and each step of the loading process to start you safely loading your own ammunition. This is a 2-3 hour class that will get you started on loading your own ammo. You will also receive a voucher for 10% off all reloading equipment and components that you purchase through us!

We are happy to schedule this class one on one or as a group!

Cost is $75

If you don't see a date on the calendar for this class, please contact us to schedule a class for you.

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